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What is PDR?

Maintain the original integrity of your paint and clear coat

PDR (paintless dent repair or sometimes called paintless dent removal) directly addresses the dent in a way that that does not require fillers, sanding, and painting. Paintless dent repair uses special tools to shape the metal back to its original structure and position. PDR can fix dents, dings, or creases in the automobile body. Tools may include magnetic heat induction units, special adhesives and dent pullers and repair tools that are designed to get behind auto body panels so the metal can be gently messaged back to its original shape. Special lighting and mirrors are used by a PDR technician so the y can get the best view of the dent and any shadows caused by the dent. Once the dent is messaged back to its original position, it is usually impossible to see where it once existed.

PDR is not only a technique but an art. It can take many years for a technician to learn how to accurately manipulate the automobiles metal back into shape without damaging the original integrity of the paint and clear coat. So, it is important to deal with a reliable and experienced company. Most collision shops today will offer traditional repair for larger dents and paintless dent repair for smaller dents and dings.

Types of damage that may be fixed with PDR:
  • • Hail damage
  • • Door dings (parking lot mishap)
  • • Minor panel creases
  • • Low impact dents
  • • Impacts that have not removed paint


Types of damage that may need traditional auto body repair:
  • • Very deep dents (can cause the metal to stretch)
  • • Dents that have cracked the paint
  • • Dents located in an area that cannot be accessed with PDR tools
  • • Dents on the edge of a body panel
  • • Extremely sharp dents


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