U.S. Hail Repair has over twenty years’ experience in new car dealership and fleet inventory hail damage repair and appraisal.


Dealership Fleet Repair Texas

Dealership Fleet Hail Damage Repair

When natural disaster strikes, and all your dealerships inventory or fleet has been damaged by a hailstorm, your company’s customer vehicles are damaged and sold vehicles are damaged. This is not an everyday occurrence, a part of day to day operations and can create a lot of problems for you and your staff. When in fact these issues have created a unique business opportunity that many companies overlook.

Dealership fleet hail dent repair Texas

Since these kinds of catastrophes occur at an infrequent intervals most automotive companies just don’t have the experience to maximize the full protentional of profits. Most automotive companies put the most emphasis on just obtaining the lowest repair bid for their inventory. When this can create lower profit percentage. Generally taking just the lowest bid means you will except a lower quality standard in hopes of generating more revenue. Lower quality just means lower customer satisfaction and lower customer return rates. We at U.S. Hail Repair understand repair cost is important, but is not the most important in generating profits for your business.

At U.S. Hail Repair hail damaged vehicles is our business, we have the experience of repairing thousands of hail damaged cars, SUV, and trucks. We know what it takes to get your dealership inventory back to pre-storm condition with minimal disruption to your business. We know what it takes to maximize profits. We know what it takes to deliver repairs that satisfy you and your customers.

The U.S. Hail Repair difference, experience. We know from experience the most important vehicle on the lot is a damaged sold unit. Why? When you have already sold it and you have others to sell? Simple it’s the internet, 4 or 5 disappointed customers with the power of social media and powerful review sites like google, yelp can turn these few damaged sold vehicles into a lot of missed sales opportunities.



The U.S. Hail Repair Process


  • • We appraise and photo document the damages to any sold vehicles. This documentation will be used for reimbursement from your insurance company. Repairs to these vehicles will begin immediately.

  • • We meet with your insurance company’s representatives and appraise the damages to your inventory. Our appraisers are licensed adjusters and will be working on your behalf not your insurance company’s. We represent you.

  • • We will use specialized lighting, and individually inspect and appraise every vehicle. This prevents price averaging. With our knowledge of storm damage appraising you can be assured you will be fully indemnified for you loss, you will be paid the full amount for hail damages.

  • • We will set-up a repair area and start repairing inventory, work with your department managers to prioritize vehicle repairs.

  • • After repairs every vehicle goes through strict quality control, inspecting hail repairs and all removed and reinstalled items for proper fit and function.

  • • All vehicles will be delivered back to your designated parking area.

Your Total Hail Repair Solution

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US Hail Repair is a nationwide catastrophe auto repair service, with headquarters in Plano, TX.